Youniti aims to bring people and organizations from around the world together to share resources and help each other. Through a process guided by peace, love and mutual respect, our goal is to create a more egalitarian world where individuals, ecosystems and the entire planet can thrive.


The Youniti Foundation was created to carry out this mission. Based on the concept of “unity,” its name represents our belief that we can transform the world through targeted initiatives and love.


Youniti aims to achieve these goals by providing assistance through an online service and direct involvement in the field.



The new Youniti website is free to use and gives people the chance to help each other by giving away items or selling them for less than $40. The platform also allows companies and organizations to register in the directory, post items for sale for less than $40, and share news about promotions and liquidations.


Notices about carpooling opportunities and garage sales can also be posted on the site. The Youniti website aims to create an affordable marketplace for everyone, including individuals, businesses and organizations. In the same spirit of mutual aid, a portion of the website’s revenues is redistributed to the Youniti Foundation, which provides assistance to communities both locally and internationally.



In Quebec, a portion of the website’s revenues are redistributed to charities such as Moisson Montréal, Moisson Rive-Sud, La Maison du Père, La Guignolée des médias and Accueil Bonneau.


We have clothing and donation drives currently underway to provide much-need items to homeless people across the province.


The Foundation’s second campaign will kick off soon and provide aid to Quebec parents and children in need, thanks to support from the Youniti community.

Several other aid campaigns will be launched in the coming months across Quebec. We are currently recruiting participants to join a discussion group to identify priority needs and determine how Youniti can actively address them. If you’re interested in joining the conversation, please subscribe to our newsletter.



We are working to establish several Youniti centres in industrialized and developing countries around the world, wherever there is a need. The first Youniti centre will open in Benin in 2020.


The Youniti Foundation has established clear objectives, such as wealth redistribution, access to safe drinking water, abundance and education for all. Youniti centres will include community spaces where people can come together to cook, eat and obtain clothing, books and children’s games.


We provide free clothing  to Youniti centre users and villagers, ensuring that everyone has clothing and comfortable footwear. One of our primary goals is to ensure that abundant food is available by organizing gardening and permaculture activities and by planting fruit trees. The Youniti Foundation also aims to assist local schools, which often lack material and financial resources. We provide students with dictionaries and school supplies, in addition to setting up sanitary facilities and helping with school repairs.



In short, the Youniti Foundation provides various types of assistance, ranging from supplying goods to protecting nature.
It’s our way of improving quality of life for all.

In short, the Youniti Foundation provides various types of assistance, ranging from supplying goods to protecting nature.
It’s our way of improving quality of life for all.



Environmental protection is a top priority for the Youniti Foundation and this concern shapes everything we do. Each of our centres will be built on a large space allowing for permaculture, fruit trees and clean drinking water. These green spaces will be maintained collaboratively and consistently provide abundant food for villagers.












The Youniti Foundation is funded by donations and revenues generated on Youniti.org. The website allows community members to give away or sell goods and services for less than $40. It currently serves communities in Quebec, Canada.


Companies and organizations can also post items for sale, provided that they cost less than $40. Youniti.org is an affordable marketplace that’s open to everyone. A portion of the website’s revenues go to the Youniti Foundation.


Do you run a business that offers low-cost goods or services? Are you interested in getting behind the movement? Sign up on Youniti.org to add your company to our directory and post items that cost $40 or less. You’ll get valuable visibility while helping support the Youniti Foundation.


Are you an engaged citizen who wants to be part of a caring community, give your used items a second chance and help others? Go to Youniti.org to find, give or sell goods and services for under $40. You can also see the directory of businesses and organizations that advertise on Youniti.org.